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Alkaline Water 600ml - Alka Power

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Iconic Alkaline Water


Discover Maximum Hydration

Our ionic alkaline water is guaranteed to hold its pH longer than any of our competition. Most bottled or filtered waters are essentially pH neutral or slightly acidic. Only Alka Power has the proper pH to sustain maximum hydration and help balance your body’s pH.

How Alka Power will change your life

Alka Power delivers incredible hydration and detoxification with active minerals and 9-10 pH alkaline water. Our patented process delivers superior quality that maximizes your health benefit beyond other alkaline waters and advertised energy and healthy drinks that are on the market. These drinks are either with high levels of sugar, salts and colouring and on the acidic side of the pH scale.

0 Review(s) for "Alkaline Water 600ml - Alka Power"
0 Review(s) for "Alkaline Water 600ml - Alka Power"
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