Black Ops 30 Serves by Platinum Labs

30 Serves

Non- stimulant, nitric oxide Pre-workout 

  • Black Ops 30 Serves by Platinum Labs
  • Black Ops 30 Serve Australian Summer - Platinum Labs
  • Black Ops 30 Serve Orange Whip - Platinum Labs
  • Black Ops 30 Serve Unflavoured - Platinum Labs

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Product Description


Black Ops is scientifically formulated to give you the benefits of a pre-workout without the post-workout buzz. We’ve mixed the best of our Essential amino acids and exercise-powering nutrients with our award-winning pre-workout to give you a supplement that’s perfect for powering your performance, every day, and night.



How does it work?

L- Taurine and choline bitartrate work to promote mental focus and alertness to prevents fatigue during your workout. Nitrosigine and Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine  (GPLC) encourage healthy cardiovascular function, regulate blood pressure whilst increasing endurance, and boost your metabolism all while increasing power output by as much as 15%.The trademarked and completely natural Agmatine Sulfate (AGmass™) cranks up your natural growth hormone and creatine production to improve muscular strength helping you train harder and get faster results. HydroMax, a 65% glycerol powder, can prevent dehydration and promote endurance by helping your body store water. Avoiding dehydration and fluid loss during your training session means your athletic performance is maximized. 

Platinum Labs BLACK OPS is the most advanced non-stimulant Nitric Oxide pre-workout ever formulated and a single use will be enough to convince you to never go back. It can also be stacked with your favorite stimulant based product (such as Platinum Labs Defcon-1 or Awaken) to completely change your workout experience. With 5 high performing and proven muscle engorging ingredients BLACK OPS will give you the best workout experience of your life. 



Recommended Adult Dosage: Take 1 scoop with 235 - 350ml of water (dependent on your preferred taste) 20 - 30minutes before your workout or training session.

Black Ops can be used on its own or mixed with your preferred pre-workout to enhance its effects. Best stacked with Platinum Labs DEFCON1.

This product may elevate or otherwise alter blood flow and nitrous oxide levels in the blood and should not be used by people under 21 years of age. 



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