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  • CellFood Original Concentrate by Cell Food CellFood Original Concentrate by Cell Food

CellFood Original Concentrate by Cell Food

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Dissolved Oxygen & 78 Ionic Minerals

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Harness the natural goodness of plants with Cellfood Original Concentrate by Cellfood. A proprietary formula that contains a unique blend, Cellfood Original uses the latest technology to offer maximum nutrients.

Having insufficient nutrients in your body can make you feel less than your best, and could even affect the healthy functioning of your cells. To stay in good shape, the right balance of nutrients is vital.

Cellfood Original Concentrate delivers potent plant nutrients with every sip, offering minerals, enzymes, amino acids, dissolved oxygen and electrolytes in a formula that’s easy to absorb. That’s a total of 129 nutrients contained in the formula, and to get the benefits just dissolve in water or juice and drink!

Cellfood is a winner of the prestigious International Hall of Fame Advanced Technology Award. The use of nutritional technology is exceptional, offering hydrogen and oxygen together with ionic minerals in a form that is bio-available and quickly absorbed.

One of the secrets of the Cellfood formula is that it utilises ionic forms of the nutrients. Their tiny size - just 4-7 nanometers - means that they are far more quickly absorbed.

Drawing minerals from fossilised organics and southern oceans, the natural ingredients in Cellfood work seamlessly with your own body.  A smart release system that uses water-splitting technology helps to disseminate oxygen within the body, attracting free radicals to create stable oxygen molecules.

The benefits of taking Cellfood Original Concentrate by Cellfood are:

  • It contains 78 colloidal ionic trace minerals and 17 essential amino acids.
  • It also has plant enzymes and electrolytes.
  • This product is all-natural and safe. 

When do I take Cellfood Original Concentrate?

Adults take 8 drops in 240 mL of purified or distilled water, or juice, 3 times per day-or during stress or physical activity. Best taken between meals (at least 15 min. before or 1 hour after). May mix 1 day's amount in water bottle and sip throughout the day. Each 30 mL bottle of Cellfood contains 90 servings of 8 drops each, or 720 drops.

Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. While undiluted pour with care when using near countertops, clothing and other surfaces; contains organic enzymes and may cause bleaching. Store on a tray. Avoid eye contact; rinse with water if dropped in eyes.

Additional Information


Each 8 drop product serving contains 326mg of cellfood (a propriety blend of purified water. Dissolved oxygen, ionic colloidal minerals, plant sourced enzymes and plant sourced amino acids).

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  1. Excellent review by Axe on 5/01/2017

    This is amongst the best products in the world no doubt.

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