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Chlorella (Yaeyama Pacifica) 200 Tablets by Green Nutritionals (MicrOrganics)

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200 Tablets

Open Cell Wall Chlorella

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Regular Price: $28.95

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Chlorella is an ancient single celled freshwater micro algae containing chlorophyll and many other useful phytonutrients. Thought to have had its genesis 2 billion years ago, chlorella is found naturally in freshwater rivers and waterways, but is now grown by aquaculture for human consumption. Chlorella is unicellular which means each cell is self sufficient allowing it to perform all its functions inside itself. Each cell measures only 2.8 microns ( 1 micron = 1/1000th of a mm) about the size of a human red blood cell. Chlorella is so small that 1 litre of chlorella in a thin suspension contains over 20 billion cells. 

Together with other photosynthetic micro-algae, Chlorella played an important role in converting the carbon dioxide rich atmoshere to oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Micro-algae are largely responsible for converting the Earth's atmospheres 0.1% Oxygen, content to the 20% mix we have today, allowing all current organisms to thrive. 

Due to it's hard outer wall, there were initial concerns with the digestibility of Chlorella. These were addressed in the 1970's with the development of various cell wall breaking technologies. Since then, numerous studies have confirmed Chlorella's nutritional and health benefits and Chlorella today is recognised amongst the most nutritious and useful of the 'Green Superfoods'. Chlorella has been the most popular food supplement in Japan for over 20 years and has today an estimated 10 million users. With its outstanding healing, nutritional, detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties, Chlorella has outlived many health fads and continues to grow in popularity.

When using plant based superfoods it is important to know that your are purchasing  a trustworthy product whose benefits are un-affected by pollution, destructive processing and poor packaging. We looked extensively at the different Chlorella available and soon realised the superiority of Yaeyama Pacifica.

The Yaeyama strain of Chlorella was originally found on Ishigaki Island where it is still grown today and is unique to Yaeyama Pacifica. Over forty years this strain has been improved to deliver excellent flavour and nutritional profile. Total carotenoid and RNA levels, for example, are higher than in competitor products.

Chlorella has a hard indigestible cell wall, which has to be opened to allow its abundant nutrients to be absorbed. Some producers use chemical bleaching, heat treatments or milling to 'crack' the hard wall – these harsh treatments can have a detrimental effect on the valuable nutrients within.

Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella undergoes a unique WaterJet-Spray Cell Wall Technology developed by the grower, to gently open the cell wall for a high 82% digestibility, delivering potency, purity and mild taste. 

LOCTEC PACKAGING - PROTECTING THE VALUABLE NUTRIENTS - The biggest enemy of Chlorella is oxygen which can quickly damage the sensitive vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, reducing nutritional potency. The nutrient-rich Yaeyama Pacifica is protected in the bottle with state of the art LOCTEC oxygenless packaging, ensuring the potency of this amazing superfood is protected from oxygen.


Average Quantity

Per Serve (3g)

Per 100g










Fat - Total



 - Saturated



Carbohydrate - Total



 - Sugars









CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) 747mg 24,900mg
RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) 135mg 4500mg
DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) 18mg 610mg
Carotenoids - Total 21mg 718mg
 - α-Carotene 1.53mg  51mg
 - β-Carotene 3.18mg  106mg
Lutein 15mg 500mg
Zeaxanthin 930mcg 31mg
Vitamin C  1.47mg  49mg
Vitamin D  34mcg 1.4mg 
Vitamin E  678mcg 22.6mg 
Vitamin K 33.6mcg 1.1mg
Vitamin B1 48mcg 1.6mg
Vitamin B2 168mcg 5.6mg
Vitamin B6 69mcg 2.3mg
Vitamin B3 Niacin (as Nicotininc Acid) 960mcg 32mg
Folic Acid 72mcg 2.4mg
EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) 240mg 8000mg
Iron 4.9mg 164mg
Calcium 6.15mg 205mg
Magnesium 8.37mg 279mg
Potassium 30mg 1030mg

Ingredients: Yaeyama Chlorella 99.5%, tricalcium phosphate 0.5%.

Suggested Use: Start-up: 3 tablets (half serve=1.5g) daily, for first week. 
Maintenance:6 tablets (one serve=3g) daily. 
Optimal:12 – 18 tablets daily.

Take between meals for maximum effect – drink 1 to 2 litres of pure water daily when taking Chlorella to assist the body in flushing out toxins during detoxification. 

Caution: Chlorella is a powerful detoxifying food, so when starting always take a smaller amount for the first week, with an adequate intake of pure water. It is possible some new users may not tolerate chlorella - in the event that you experience stomach upset or nausea when taking chlorella, either reduce the amount you are taking or stop taking chlorella completely and seek advice from your health care practitioner.  If pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications, always consult your health care practitioner before starting on Chlorella.

There are some people who cannot tolerate chlorella and experience a strong allergic vomiting reaction after consuming it. This is extremely unusual and only affects a very small percentage of people. For this reason we always suggest starting off with a small serve and being cautious on day one and during the first week or so. If you have this sort of strong reaction, stop taking the product, it's not for you. If the vomiting is intense and prolonged, seek medical help to avoid dehydration.

Radiation Information: Both Hawaiian Spirulina and Yaeyama Chlorella are freshwater microalgae and are NOT grown in the ocean. Both are grown on the land in environmentally controlled food-grade ponds where the fresh water quality and purity of the microalgae species can be maintained. Both the islands on which Hawaiian Spirulina (Big Island of Hawaii) and Yaeyama Chlorella (Ishigaki Island, Yaeyama) are grown DO NOT receive either low level or high level winds or Ocean currents from the Japanese mainland. Since the Fukishima disaster occurred, continuous independent testing on both Hawaiian Spirulina and Yaeyama Chlorella have shown NO detectable radiation.

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