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  • Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil High Lignan 250ml by Pressed Purity Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil High Lignan 250ml by Pressed Purity

Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil High Lignan 250ml by Pressed Purity

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Higher SDG Lignans

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Cold pressing refers to oils obtained through pressing fruit or seeds with a modern steel press, such as those used at Proteco's operation in Kingaroy, Queensland. Although pressing produces heat through friction, the oil seeds are not precooked and consequently the oil is considered cold pressed - in contrast to large scale solvent extraction and refining operations which strip the oil of natural antioxidants, vitamins and flavour. The solvent extraction method is used to produce most common cooking oils found in supermarkets.

Cold pressed oils retain all of their flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, making these oils great for all cooking and skin care requirements. They contain zero grams of trans fatty acids and are naturally cholesterol-free.

Cold Pressed Oils will provide a vital contribution to your healthier life:

  • They are cholesterol free
  • They are not refined, deodorized or processed in any way
  • They do not contain harmful solvent residues
  • Proteco Cold Pressed Oils contain no added chemicals or preservatives
  • They contain natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (e.g. Vitamin E) and phosphatides (e.g. Lecithin)
  • The natural flavour and odour is retained, enhancing your favourite recipes


High lignan flaxseed oil contains a healthy supply of SDG lignans, the phytonutrient compound multiple studies have indicated can have a balancing effect on hormones and may help support prostate, intestinal and cardiovascular health. This premium high lignan flaxseed oil is naturally a rich source of Omega 3 with a lovely nutty taste. Truly cold pressed and unrefined, packaged with nitrogen in a sunlight & oxygen proof bottle to retain natural goodness. A highly polyunsaturated natural oil, and the richest source of the valuable Omega 3 essential fatty acid (EFA).

High Lignan flaxseed oil contains added lignan particulate, some settling will occur therefore shaking is recommended before serving.

Do not heat this oil or you will lose the Omega 3 benefits and develop a bitter flavour.

Flaxseed oil that tastes like flax oil should. Store refrigerated for a longer lasting fresh taste. For long storage, it's suitable to keep in freezer. It won't set hard, just stays a little thick until defrosted.

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