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Baking is a wonderful pastime that can be made even more special when making a delicious treat for family and friends. You know that by using the highest quality ingredients, you get a superior result that will have everyone coming back for more! Whether starting a baking recipe from scratch or wanting a ready-made option, we have you covered. You can feel confident knowing each one of our suppliers values a quality production process, so you can enjoy baking with the purest ingredients. Don’t delay the deliciousness, your upgraded baking journey begins today when you stock up on our conveniently packaged baking products!

Many people swear by baking as a way to calm anxiety when stressed, or to feel more connected to loved ones. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you know your baking will not only taste amazing but be the healthiest it can be! Food brings positive emotion and connection with others, now you can enhance this with our selection of premium ingredients, designed to give you the natural goodness you deserve!

We have a wide range of ingredients ready to be whipped up into a delicious cake, pie, cookies or any other baking recipe you can imagine. With an ever-increasing variety of healthy substitutes for traditional ingredients, you may be inspired to turn old recipes full of processed fat and sugar into health-promoting treats for the whole family. Need a quicker or more convenient option? Try one of our mouth-watering ready-made mixes, which are sure to be crowd-pleasers (or you may want them all to yourself!)

If you’re wanting to swap traditional recipes with healthier options, try our natural sweeteners. Enjoy the natural sweetness of lucuma, date spread, honey, molasses, barley malt syrup, brown rice syrup and more! Now you can enjoy a dose of sweetness with health benefits that processed sugar lacks. Though all sugar should be moderated, of course, sugars are not made equal. Honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals and is considered antibacterial and antifungal. Lucuma is a delicious fruit from South America that has fibre, is low GI and gives your food a delicious mild caramel taste. You can use date spread instead of regular heavily processed jam, and enjoy the benefits of the fibre and nutrients from natural dates.

Cookie Mix by Macro Mike

$19.95 $22.95