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Put a super wellness spin into your smoothies, cakes, cookies, and general cooking with ‘boosters’, that make you feel great and help you achieve your body goals! Boosters are loved by health enthusiasts because they’re an easy and simple way to pack an extra punch of nutrients into almost any health-focused dish. With the overabundance of junk ‘foods' and nutrition-lacking edibles, its no wonder you don’t always feel your best. By adding small doses of these boosters, you can help meet your body’s nutritional requirements, simply and conveniently.

Cacao powder is an amazing choice to have instead of regular chocolate - ever heard of chocolate being spoken about as a super food? No, it’s not the sugary and milky chocolate you see at the grocery store, but the pure cacao that is harvested from the cacao bean. Used in sacred ceremonies by the Mayans, it’s considered the ‘Food of the Gods’, due to the active ingredient called Theobromine. Rich in magnesium, cacao stimulates energy and alertness, including the promotion of a healthy mood. Other nutrients you’ll find include iron, copper, potassium, zinc, manganese, and even a little vitamin b12. An excellent choice for chocaholics everywhere! Enjoy the cacao beans raw or cacao nibs on top of your breakfast smoothie, or add raw cacao powder wherever recipes call for cocoa powder (the processed kind).

Maca powder is another popular addition to smoothies and healthy treats, and is sometimes referred to as Peruvian Ginseng. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids and fatty acids. Maca is often used to support the maintenance of healthy hormone production in the body. A very popular plant in today’s wellness world, you’ll find it in many creative recipes that help give your body the energy and stamina it needs to be at its best. Maca is considered a South American superfood, and was cherished by the Incas. You can use it in baking, smoothies, general cooking, or even in your soups!

By including some essential greens boosters, you’ll be readily absorbing some vital nutrients that are necessary for daily living, and your body will be loving you! Dark leafy greens ought to be a staple of everyone’s diet, but many of us struggle to meet the daily requirements. Just one to two serves of super green boosters each day can assist you in meeting these requirements, and as a powder, they are versatile; easily add to soups, smoothie,s or even in your raw treat making!