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Charcoal refers to activated charcoal, which is created by heating natural carbon sources, such as wood. Activated charcoal isn’t absorbed by your body, so it can carry the toxins out of your body when you have a bowel movement. Because of this, charcoal has been a popular product used in many traditional communities. Activated charcoal has a special ability to bind and expel heavy metals, toxins and chemicals that are harmful to your body. This way, the harmful compounds don’t simply become recycled in your body, which can happen when detoxification pathways are struggling.  

Do you feel like you need a helping hand to support your body’s natural detox processes? Using activated charcoal may be an option for you. If you regularly overindulge, suffer from bloating and gas or often travel then this supplement can be a useful tool to keep in your supplement toolkit.  

Commonly used to assist reduce gas and bloating, it provides general detoxification that can be helpful to your body. It works by a processed called ‘adsorption’, which is different from ‘absorption’ and refers to its binding ability. Activated charcoal has millions of pores which trap toxins and chemicals, preventing absorption by the gut. As it has natural binding properties, you need to take it away from medications, as it can bind to these as well. If you find yourself suffering from abdominal discomfort and constant gas and bloating, charcoal may be of use to you.  

You may be wondering how to take activated charcoal. It couldn’t be easier than with our activated charcoal powders and capsules! The activated charcoal dosage depends on the individual, always read the label before use. Make sure to consult with your medical practitioner before starting a new supplementation regime and always drink plenty of water so you get the best results. 

Pure Eden Activated Charcoal 500g

$37.50 RRP $74.95
2 reviews