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Children's Health

Ensure your child is receiving enough vitamins and minerals in their diet to grow with optimal health. A nutritious and balanced diet should be able to provide your child with all the nutrients they need to flourish in life. In an ideal world, a child’s diet would consist of a range of fruits and vegetables that contain a high content of vitamins and minerals. This may not be possible due to multiple factors however, it is crucial that they still receive these vital nutrients. Children’s supplements should not replace a balanced diet but may be able to assist with filling in the gaps.

The term “fussy eater” is commonly used to describe the eating habits of children these days. This can make it difficult for you as a parent to ensure that your child is consuming all the right foods they require to shine from the inside out. Parents carry a lot of responsibility and have a lot on their plate but the key to having a happy and playful child is in their diet.

Kids require the same nutrients as adults, just in smaller amounts. Calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and vitamin D are a few of the key nutrients your child should be consuming daily for good health. Calcium and vitamin D are required for the development of strong bones while iron, zinc, iodine, and choline are vital for brain development, especially in early childhood.

Support your child’s overall health and wellbeing with child-friendly supplements available from Vitamin King so they can flourish in life. Children’s supplements come in a range of tasty flavours as well as easy to consume liquids, chewable tablets, and gummies.

Kindervital 250ml by Floradix

$22.95 RRP $25.95