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Coffee & Tea

Coffee & tea have been used for centuries as the classic pick-me-up and in both ceremonial and social gatherings around the world. Nowadays, there are many coffee & tea alternatives on the market. Whether you are looking for 'normal' coffee, or coffee infused with superfoods, we have it. Why not try a coffee blended with adaptogens and nootropics, or an energising herbal tea blend? Upgrade your mind and body with our ready-made instant coffee blends, coffee substitutes, and delicious herbal teas!

Are you doing a bulletproof diet, keto diet, or looking for a way to incorporate more energising fats? Try a keto coffee, which contains natural, coconut-derived MCT oils, which can fuel your brain and help you go further with your training. Otherwise, you can simply add a keto collagen blend to your normal collagen, which full of energy-boosting MCT oil, bovine collagen, and other superfoods that will enhance your morning brew. 

Upgrade your coffee with adaptogenic blends designed to give you a feel-good buzz without the crash. With constant upgrades in knowledge, we are able to understand and make products that give you the benefits whilst minimising the known side effects of your favourite coffee. You may find MCT oils in them for enhanced energy production or medicinal mushrooms that give you lasting focus. These health loving formulations have the edge for your most productive day yet, with compounds that balance out the caffeine so you can enjoy stable energy without feeling wired. 

Green tea lovers, you’ll find an amazing assortment of options for both hot and cold drinks. Choose from loose leaf tea and tea bags or a thermogenic, sugar-free sweet beverage you can take along in your shaker. For a stronger blend, try a traditional brew made with organic matcha powder. Not a fan of the taste? You’ll even find green tea capsules that will still give you the benefits you're after!

Not into caffeine? There’s plenty of coffee alternatives - enjoy dandelion or chicory root as tea or caffeine-free ‘coffee’, which has similar taste and appearance to the real thing. Or perhaps a mermaid latte full of the benefits of blue spirulina. After a golden glow? Try a turmeric blend, which delivers an anti-inflammatory punch in the most delicious way!

If hot chocolate is more your thing, you’ll love these blends that combine the latest in superfoods with raw cacao to satisfy the sweet tooth and give you a boost of nutrients. Keto-friendly, low sugar, and with the decadence you’re craving, sans the guilt.

If you’re looking for caffeine-free teas, feel confident that we've got you sorted, with many unique herbal concoctions that will add a special lift to your day. Herbal teas have long been used for their beneficial properties all over the world. For thousands of years, humans have been fascinated with the power of plants, and now you can enjoy them in convenient tea bags and loose-leaf varieties, in the comfort of your own home.

Planet Organic 25 Teabags

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