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Cold & Flu

Are you feeling worn down, tired and sniffly? Dealing with a cold or flu isn’t fun, but there are many things you can do to make your road to recovery a lot easier. Curl up on the couch, enjoy a soothing vegetable broth or chicken soup that nourishes your body from within. Make sure you consume enough vitamins to support your immune system and get plenty of rest. Always consult with your doctor when suffering from cold and flu symptoms. In addition to a healthy diet and rest, cold & flu supplements can give you a helping hand to feel better.

Left undealt with, the common cold & flu can knock you on your feet. By addressing symptoms as soon as they start, you can give your body the best chance to recover, instead of waiting to feel worse before you act. As winter approaches, you might find yourself susceptible to colds & flu more often, which means you should be making extra effort to ensure you are giving yourself the best protection possible. By changing your diet and lifestyle, you’ll find that you may get sick less often.

Vitamin C is loved for its properties that can assist you with the common cold. Vitamin C in the form of food and supplements can support immune system function and health, and relief the severity and duration of common colds. It is an antioxidant that helps to reduce the damage that free radicals do in the body. Vitamin C needs to be consumed regularly, so make sure you have your healthy foods and supplement where needed! Other cold & flu fighting ingredients include echinacea, propolis, marshmallow, olive leaf extract and other herbal ingredients you can find in our natural formulas.

Support your body naturally, by nourishing it with cold and flu-fighting foods and supplements. Combine these with proper sleep and rest so you can get back to feeling your best self in no time. As always, consult your medical practitioner to ascertain the best treatment for you.

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