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Creatine is one of the most researched supplements on the market, used by athletes to boost their athletic performance. Creatine is found in your muscles, brain, and is also naturally produced by your body. Creatine supplements can benefit exercise performance and accelerate muscle growth, regardless of your fitness level. This supplement works by helping your muscles to produce energy during your workouts. More energy for your muscles means lifting heavier and hitting those personal bests you’ve been striving for. Train smarter and achieve your fitness goals with ease.

Creatine can be obtained through animal-based foods like beef, fish, and eggs or taken in a supplement form. Supplements can be useful for those who eat minimal animal products or follow a plant-based diet. Taking creatine supplements is also an effective way for meat-eaters to consume the nutrient without having to intake kilograms of protein. If you are interested in adding this supplement to your diet, be mindful that it should not act as a replacement for consuming protein.

Lift heavier in the gym and create more muscle fibre tears that your body can rebuild bigger after your workout. Maximise your opportunity to gain strength and build lean muscle by fueling your body with essential nutrients that it needs to grow. Creatine assists the body with producing energy rapidly which is understood to help increase the weight you can lift during your workouts.

Creatine may increase your water weight as it pulls more water into your muscles, making them look fuller. However, it does not contain any calories so it won’t impact your fat metabolism or lead to weight gain. Set your creatine supplement up for success by ensuring your nutrition is on point and you are following a strength-based training program.