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Digestive Enzymes

After you eat your food, it travels down into the stomach, which then needs to be broken down by digestive enzymes. With today’s environmental and lifestyle stressors, there are many ways this process can be impaired. By adding a digestive enzyme before or during your meal, you can assist your body to break down food so it can be utilised as energy. Causes of decreased digestive enzymes can be digestive disorders, stress, and surgery, though with age the digestive fire naturally decreases as well! Quality digestive enzymes will be a broad-spectrum product that includes pepsin, bromelain and proteases. 

Betaine HCL and pepsin are commonly taken to assist correction of low stomach acid. This is different to digestive enzymes, though they can be used together. If you have low stomach acid, you’ll feel symptoms such as acid reflux, gas, constipation, and heaviness, fullness after eating. You’ll find Betaine HCL and pepsin in a product such as Digestion Plus by Ethical Nutrients. Low stomach acid can be caused by factors such as aging, stress, restrictive diets, surgery, medications, vitamin deficiency or other medical issues. Aside from Betaine HCL and pepsin, there are other ways you can assist your stomach to do its job. Always chew your food well, and for a gentle natural support, have squeezed lemon or raw apple cider vinegar before meals. Always work with the relevant medical practitioner to find the cause and to assist with the solution to this problem.  

You can also find digestive enzymes mixed with prebiotic fibre, such as in BSC Clean Biotic. If you are wanting something targeted towards the digestion of lactose, we also have lacteeze supplements that will assist you in times you can’t avoid lactose (or just want to have it!). Many digestive enzyme products are vegetarian formulas, always check the label to be secure if this is an issue for you. 

Digest-Zymes by Herbs of Gold

$25.95 RRP $43.95
4 reviews