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Energy & Stress Support

Are you feeling like you’re waking up exhausted every morning? Do you have trouble winding down at night? Do you naturally reach for caffeine and sugary snacks all day just to keep you going? These are clear signs you may need some energy & stress support. By using a holistic formula designed to support your body’s processes, your energy will naturally improve, and you may find your stress becomes more manageable. Give yourself the gift of a reset with our natural formulas, designed to support you from the inside out!  

When looking to improve energy, you may find you are propping yourself up with lots of caffeine or stimulants. Over time this can harm energy balance, by disrupting sleep and depleting the adrenals. One way to improve energy naturally is to decrease caffeine, develop a sound sleep routine and eat a diet full of nutritious foods that boost your natural vibrance. By including targeted herbal energy blends, you will have the added support to help you achieve balanced daily energy.   

When you are highly stressed, or going through long-term low-grade stress, you may feel this depletes your energy levels as well. Aside from adopting the necessary lifestyle and diet changes to help you recover, relax and unwind, you can add in some natural supplements that will support this goal. By optimising your body’s repair and recovery process, you can feel your best every day!  

Some ingredients to look out for that are helpful for energy & stress support include Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Ginseng, Schisandra, St John’s Wort, Kava, Lemon Balm and Rehmannia. Other important factors for energy & stress include making sure you are consuming enough B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin C. Give yourself the best stress & energy support, so you can get the most out of life!  

Stress & Anxiety by Fusion Health

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