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Green Food Blends

Green food blends are here to make your healthy life the easiest it can be! Potent doses of super greens are secured in convenient packaging, so you can take green foods blends anywhere and enjoy the power of greens anytime. If you aren’t a fan of a bitter green powder, you’ll love our sweetened greens blends, that use all-natural sweeteners, mixed with the essential greens your body craves. Look forward to a drink of vitality each day and embrace the power of green food blends with our premium range!

Green food blends are created with you in mind – we know how easy it can be to forget to get your daily greens requirement with all the things that go on in your life. Busy work schedules, family responsibilities, chores and the mayhem of the modern lifestyle means you might find it more difficult to get the optimal nutrition your body needs. Our green food blends products are here to make your life easier – all you need to do is follow the instructions on the pack! Have them on their own or enjoy them mixed into a smoothie with your favourite fruits and veggies – soon you’ll find it becomes a habit and you will love how you feel afterwards!

Harness the alkalising power of algae like chlorella and spirulina, and enjoy with wheatgrass, barley grass or other essential greens. Not only do greens provide fibre to keep your digestive tract healthy, but they also carry essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids and fatty acids that your body requires daily to carry out vital processes. You can enjoy a greens food blend one to three times a day, with many people loving to start their day with fresh water and a scoop of their favourite greens. By starting your morning most healthily, you set yourself up for positive habits that last throughout your day!

Vital All-In-One by Vital

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