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Green Foods

Green foods are your super ally in the quest for ultimate health. Greens are considered essential in maintaining general health and wellbeing, and we are making your life smoother by sourcing the best in the business. It’s never been easier to benefit from the power of these health promoters- start reaching your potential today with green foods! If you’re looking to maintain your health easily and simply, green foods should be your number one. By adding green foods supplementation to your day, you can take your nutrition to the next level. 

Chlorella and spirulina are well known super green foods, associated with a variety of health benefits. They are forms of algae that are packed with nutrition and suitable for daily use. Having benefits for immune health, digestion, skin and energy, you’ll love how easy it is to take these power algae.   

Green foods come individually or in a variety of blends, both flavoured and unflavoured. If you are sensitive to the bitter taste, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our naturally sweetened varieties. Each green foods blend contains a variety of greens that work together to give you the ultimate vitality. Green food blends are here to assist your health journey to be the easiest it can be!  

Your body requires a variety of vitamins and minerals to function at its best. Green foods give you this and more, with essential fatty acids and a wide variety of amino acids that your body utilises in its everyday processes. Green foods are loved by your body because they are so easily absorbed. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will be able to maintain high levels of energy and general immunity. Under our green foods category, you’ll find amazing supplements like moringa, wheatgrass, spirulina, green food blends and more!  

Vital All-In-One by Vital

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