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Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular tea varieties, loved by health enthusiasts everywhere! When used together with a healthy eating plan and exercise routine, green tea can be an amazing tool to help you reach your vitality and physique goals. With a natural source of caffeine balanced out by the presence of L-Theanine, you can enjoy all-day energy without feeling the crash often felt with regular coffee or energy drinks. Green tea has thermogenic properties, so its a useful tool to use when dieting, or if you just want a natural healthy boost.

Since green tea is a tea fan favourite, we have it in many forms that you can enjoy and love! If you’re looking for a potent kickstart to the day, try a matcha green tea powder, that can be made into a beautiful green latte, or easily incorporated into your morning smoothie. You’ll find it's loaded with antioxidants to help your body shine at its brightest! If you just don’t like the taste of green tea but still want to enjoy the benefits, you’ll find green tea tablets that give you all the metabolism support and antioxidants of green tea, in easy to take doses.

Similar to green tea in terms of benefits is Green Coffee Bean. If you love coffee, you’ll find Green Coffee Bean added in some of the formulas, that give you the metabolism benefits of Green Coffee Bean in delicious ready-made coffee sachets and ready-to-go drinks.

Sometimes you feel like you want a little energy boost, but you don’t want to have the intensity of coffee or pre-workouts. Premade green tea sachets that are designed to use in cold water provide a delicious dose of energy without jitters or that wired but tired feeling. You can use them to start your day, or as a light mid-afternoon pick me up to keep you going at work, school or the gym. With seemingly endless flavour varieties, you can choose one for each day of the week! You’ll also find these green teas are enriched with vitamins and other beneficial compounds that help give you the vitality you’re looking for.

Herbal Tea by Henry Blooms

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