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If you want an upgrade to your regular supermarket-style groceries, you’ve come to the right place. Find specialty, super food, and health-focused groceries that will help you get the most out of life, and your training. With a wide range of foods and healthy packaged goods, you can easily create healthy options at home every day! Why settle for average when you can get the best? Try these modernised versions of regular groceries in all your healthy cooking and traditional baking alternatives, and start feeling the benefits today.

If you’re looking to do low-calorie and low-carb cooking, but you don’t want to give up some old favorites, try the low calorie and high-fibre pasta and rice we have available. Instead of using regular processed sugar in your sweet treats, opt instead for the sugar-free alternatives we have, including xylitol and stevia. Try our various seasonings or simple, pure Himalayan crystal salt to add flavour to your favourite dishes. Balsamic vinegar is an excellent option for dieters, being very low calorie and adding a tasty zing to your salads and sauces. You don’t need to give up deliciousness to reach your body goals!

If you value your health, you may be aware that not all products are made equal. Regular, highly processed vegetable oil can create inflammation over time - opt instead for a healthier, purer blend such as organic sunflower oil, grapeseed, avocado, walnut, hemp, or almond oil. Say goodbye to highly processed honey, and instead try our raw honey and Manuka honey products.

Vegans, vegetarians, and all plant-based eaters, you will love the variety we have for flours, grains, cereals, and protein alternatives to get the most out of your everyday nutrition. Treat yourself to some overnight oats, quinoa pudding, or perhaps a beautiful bread loaf made from spelt flour. Try an upgraded smoothie mixture by adding cacao powder, hemp seeds, super greens, and chia seeds!

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to ready-made treats? You’ll find easy to make, quick mixes that satisfy the sweet tooth and are macro-friendly, some with added protein too! With both dairy and plant-based friendly options, you won’t believe the ‘clean’ ingredients in the ready-made mixes, such as banana bread, cookies, carrot cake, and brownies. Prefer savoury instead? Try one of our ready-made pizza bases, or make your own with the assortment of flours we offer!

Cookie Mix by Macro Mike

$19.95 RRP $22.95