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Hair, Skin & Nails

Do you dream of luscious looks, youthful skin, and strong nails? Just like the rest of your body, your hair, skin, nails also require a range of nutrients to keep them in top shape. If your nutritious and balanced diet is quite doing the job, supplements that support skin, hair, and nail health may be the helping hand you need. These supplements typically contain a range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help you nourish your body, gain back your confidence, and radiate from the inside out.

Biotin is a common ingredient you will see in hair, skin, and nail supplements. This vitamin assists your body by converting nutrients into energy and also plays a crucial role when it comes to the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Biotin deficiency can result in hairy loss or a red scaly rash. Biotin is understood to improve your body’s keratin structure, which is the basic protein that makes up your hair, nails, and skin.

Collagen is another popular ingredient that is used within beauty-boosting supplements. Collagen makes up around one-third of your body’s total protein content and is present within your hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments and cartilage. Collagen provides strength and firmness to these areas of your body, which is why it is loved by those who want to regain a youthful appearance. Collagen can be found in animal-based foods or in supplement forms.

Nourish your body with all the nutrients it needs and your hair, skin, and nails will thank you. Today’s busy lifestyles can often lead to us choosing convenience foods over what is actually good for our bodies. If your body is lacking in certain nutrients, it may be affecting your hair growth or skin health. Try a supplement that contains biotin or collagen to support your hair, skin, and nail health.

Quercetin Complex by Herbs of Gold

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