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Intra/Post Workout & Recovery

Maximise performance during your workout by consuming enough energy to help you power through your exercises. Training with little energy will likely compromise your strength and endurance. If you want to achieve new personal bests and continue to improve your athletic performance, consuming energy during your training session may simply be what you need to get there. Fast release carbohydrate foods like energy bars, fruit, and sweets can be consumed during your workout for a quick energy boost. However, if you are dieting or want a more convenient way to enhance your energy, an intra workout supplement would work for you.

Popular intra workout supplements include amino acids, BCAAs, and carb transports. These supplements are designed to increase your energy, improve hydration, support muscle synthesis, and enhance recovery. Nourishing your body with amino acids can support muscle recovery, ensuring you are ready to smash out your next training session.

Intra workout supplements generally contain minimal calories per serving, making them easy to fit into your daily calorie target. These supplements are commonly used by athletes who need a low-calorie energy source during a dieting or cutting phase when their daily carbohydrate intake is low. Ensuring your body is supported with enough energy for a great workout can allow you to keep training at a high capacity.

Aminos acids and BCAAs will generally come in the form of a powder that you combine with water and consume throughout your workout. These supplements come in delicious flavours, making them very enjoyable to drink. To get the best results out of your intra workout supplement, it is important to be consistent with it and ensure that you are consuming the supplement throughout the duration of your workout.

ICE WPI 2.5kg by Horleys

$139.95 RRP $156.95
1 review

Amino Charged WPI 3kg by International Protein

$159.95 RRP $179.95
1 review

Lean WPI by Genetix Nutrition

$69.95 RRP $78.95

ICE WPI 1kg by Horleys

$69.95 RRP $78.95