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Your skin is your largest organ, and so the lotion you put on your skin matters. Choose skincare lotion that has you and your health in mind, for better results that reflect your natural beauty. When choosing natural lotion products, you’ll find that they are more environmentally friendly too. Your skincare should reflect your ethics and values, and if you care about living sustainably and caring about the planet, you’ll love these natural lotion options! No matter what your skin concern, you’ll find a lotion that can assist your needs using the power of natural ingredients.

What people don’t understand about commercial skincare lotion is they’re often full of harsh ingredients and chemicals that can do more damage to the skin long term. This perpetuates the skin issue and keeps you coming back, thinking you need more of the product! Go for a natural formula instead that is designed to work synergistically with your skin, so you can reclaim your inner and outer glow.

Lotion that is made from natural ingredients is kinder to your skin. If you’re looking for support for your acne-prone skin, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find a range of tea tree and acne control lotions that can supplement your healthy diet and lifestyle efforts. You’ll also find lotions that can assist with muscle and joint pain, to soothe your sore and aching body. You can find a natural solution for other skin concerns too, including skin and nail dryness, veins, and aging skin.

Take charge of your skin glow with the power of natural ingredients. You’ll find some of our formulations good enough to eat; they can be used topically as well as orally. Always read the label to know the correct use of your skincare product. When you experience ingredients sourced from mother nature, you’ll never want to go back to chemical-laden lotions!

Anthogenol by Phytologic

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Body Butter by Springfields

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