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Muscle & Joint

If you are moving your body regularly, no doubt at some point you would have experienced some muscle & joint soreness or pain before. Left unchecked, inflammation can take over and leave you worse for wear. By protecting your muscles and joints, you can enjoy a long healthy life and get the most out of your workouts. Eat healthily, get enough sleep and move well, and you’re already on the way to enhanced muscle and joint health. Muscle & joint supplements can also support you on your journey to feeling and looking your best!

Support your body naturally, by fueling it with the correct muscle building and joint protecting foods and supplements. Combine this with corrective exercises, proper exercise form and plenty of recovery and sleep for the best results in your health and fitness journey. By taking a holistic approach, you will find your body can function at its ultimate level.

Magnesium is a popular ingredient used for sports recovery, to aid muscle relaxation and repair after strenuous exercise. If you feel sore after a hard workout, you’ll find magnesium to be a supportive tool to help you recover and perform better next time.
Curcumin is known as a natural inflammatory, with pain-relieving qualities similar to aspirin. Curcumin is an active ingredient found in turmeric, so you can find it naturally in this plant, or find it extracted into supplement form so you get the most concentrated benefits. Other anti-inflammatories are lyprinol, manuka honey and MSM powder.

Glucosamine is a sought after ingredient for joint repair, that can assist in helping you to maintain the health of your joints. Other relevant ingredients include Omega-3 fatty acids such as in fish oils and green-lipped mussel. By finding these and other natural ingredients in our muscle & joint supplement range, you can enjoy the best protection for maintaining your healthy body.

Magnesium Forte by Herbs Of Gold

$18.95 $21.95
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Curcumin Advanced by Fusion Health

$19.95 $22.95
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Deer Velvet Capsules by Mountain Red

$69.95 $78.95
1 review