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Oral Care

Oral care is something you shouldn’t take for granted. A beautiful smile is often seen as the most attractive feature of a person, and not to mention, the state of your teeth can reflect the condition of your overall health. This is why you spend time on your oral care every day, making sure that you brush your teeth properly and floss. Why not supercharge your dental routine with the oral care products here at Vitamin King? We have all the natural oral care products that your teeth and gums will love so that you can shine at your best!

Whether you’re looking for natural toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, floss, breath spray or even whitening agents, look no further than our collection here at Vitamin King. We only source premium suppliers that care about you and the planet. The oral care products you’ll find here are created without the nasties you’ll often find in regular oral care products, such as parabens, fluoride, SLES and other chemical irritants.

When you have a healthy and happy smile, the world seems like a brighter place! You feel more confident and ready to take on the world’s challenges. Don’t leave your oral care to chance. Stock up on a variety of oral care goods at Vitamin King to make sure you get the best for your teeth and gums.

Your oral microbiome is a sensitive environment. Therefore, you should opt for natural ingredients that help promote your teeth and gums' health without destroying the balance of good and bad bacteria. When you browse through our extensive collection of oral care products, you’ll see that we’ve chosen only the best quality suppliers, so you can feel great every time you go to brush your teeth. Shop our dental care product range now to supplement your healthy living lifestyle!

Dentaforce Herbal Mouthwash by Vogel

$14.50 RRP $16.95
2 reviews