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Other Fiber

Fibre is a happy gut’s best friend! Fibre, also spelt fiber, is needed to ensure a healthy bowel transit, so that nutrients can be assimilated to be used by your body, and any waste products are removed effectively. A diet with fiber is a healthier and happier you! Australians are falling short of the recommended 25-30g of fibre per day, are you one of them? If so, you can start to make a change today by eating more fruits and vegetables and adding our fiber supplements to your healthy diet. 

What is fibre? Fibre is the part of the plant food that cannot be broken down by our bodies. It provides roughage so that your body can keep things moving efficiently and effectively. Soluble and insoluble fibre are differentiated by how they act in water-soluble fibre dissolves in water to become like a gel, and insoluble fibre cannot dissolve in water, so it just adds bulk to the stool, helping to move it along. Both are necessary for a healthy functioning gut, so make sure that you are prioritising fiber intake on a regular basis.

Why do so many people struggle to hit their fiber goals? With today’s fast-paced world, you are surrounded by packaged foods that are convenient for your time-poor self, but not so convenient for your health. Junk foods that are heavy in fat and sugar are everywhere, and they often have little to no fibre as well. On top of that, you are dealing with all sorts of synthetic ingredients from food and pharmaceuticals which your body sometimes doesn’t know how to deal with, and it can cause all sorts of digestive distress. Combine poor eating habits with daily stress and the typical western diet, and you have a recipe for unfavourably altered bowel function. Fibre is key to help provide the regularity your body craves! 

Lotus Fibre Cleanse 450g

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