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Plant Based Protein

Using a protein powder is a great way to increase your protein consumption and add flavour to your meal. Plant-based protein powders are made solely from plants which make them a great option for anyone with a dairy allergy or following a vegan diet. Common plant sources for these protein powders include soy, pea, rice, hemp and nuts. Ensuring you are consuming enough protein daily is important for your health and body composition goals. Proteins are essential building blocks used by the body to make muscles, skin, hormones, and more.

The majority of plant-based protein powders contain a combination of proteins to ensure the powder contains all essential amino acids. There are 20 essential amino acids that your body requires, 9 of which must be obtained through your diet. Amino acids combine to form protein and are needed for multiple processes in the body, especially muscle growth. A higher protein diet can help keep you fuller for longer which will not only make you feel satisfied after a meal but will also assist you with sticking to your daily calorie goal.

Amino acid deficiencies can result in several health problems including digestive issues, lowered immunity, and delayed growth. Using a protein powder that contains all the amino acids that your body needs can help combat amino acid deficiency. Hit personal bests in the gym and achieve your body composition goals by ensuring you are consuming enough protein for your lifestyle.

From salted caramel to chocolate and coffee to chai, plant-based protein powders can be a delicious addition to enhance the flavour of your regular meals. Add plant-based protein powder to oatmeal, smoothies, pancake batter, or cookies and boost your protein intake for the day! Achieve your fitness and body composition goals by consuming complete proteins that contain the amino acids your body requires to function optimally.

Natural Mass by Prana On

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Thriving Protein by Nutra Organics

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Cookie Mix by Macro Mike

$19.95 $22.95