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Skin Health

When you think of skin health, do lotions and potions come to mind? Of course, what you put on your skin makes a difference. What you put in your body may be even more important - skin is your largest organ, and it can’t function properly without the proper internal care through diet, lifestyle, and supplementation where needed. When combining these factors with the right topical skincare and treatments, you have a recipe for the ultimate skin health success!

As you age, you may notice fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear, and not just when you’re smiling or squinting! Periods of high stress can make them even worse. Stress along with excessive sun exposure, the wrong diet, low water intake, and toxic skincare ingredients can dry out your skin and lead to signs of premature aging. Along with increased lines and wrinkles, you may find you have hyperpigmentation, brown spots, sagging skin, and a slow wound repairing ability. Don’t feel defeated about your skin health. You can look and feel your best self at any age when you feed your body with the right nutrients!

What is important for skin health? In terms of nutrition, having essential fatty acids is key, as is a balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut and skin. You’ll find many products that support gut health and oils that can be used topically or orally to enhance your consumption of helpful omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. Other skin health ingredients you can find individually or as part of a comprehensive blend include zinc, collagen, silica, biotin, Vitamin A, and burdock.

Caring for your skin health also means making sure that your diet is full of natural whole foods, you take care of your stress and do exercise that you enjoy. When you want an extra boost, by exploring our large range of ingestible and topical beauty products, you’ll find what you need to help you achieve your most radiant self!

Marine Collagen + by Genetix Nutrition

$69.95 RRP $89.95
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Lysine 1200 by Nutra Life

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Clear Skin by Herbs of Gold

$28.95 RRP $43.45

Silicaplex 5000 by Nutralife

$15.95 RRP $24.49