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Smoothie Enhancers

Are you looking for a way to get an extra dose of nutrition into your smoothie creations? These smoothie enhancers will give you the nutritional edge that you’re looking for. Are you struggling to hit your daily micronutrient targets, or just looking to make a delicious smoothie that will help you look and feel good? You will love the range of super smoothie enhancers that can turn any plain, boring smoothie into a powerhouse of taste and nutrition. Add a little boost of energy and into your smoothie recipes today!

If you’re wanting to add a protein boost to your smoothie, try the hemp seeds and spirulina. Hemp seeds contain 33g protein per 100g and spirulina 57g per 100g. These are a plant-based, vegan-friendly way to add extra protein and nutrients to your smoothie. For a more diverse amino-acid range, you can also add chia seeds, which contain 17g protein per 100g. Chia seeds and hemp seeds also contain healthy fats which are ideal for assisting normal hormone production!

For a decadent treat, try a mouth-watering smoothie made from banana, milk, protein powder, dates, and a serve of these smoothie enhancers - raw cacao and maca. Not only will you feel energised and ready to tackle the day, but you’re also having a healthy dose of feel-good nutrition, that can assist with your general health and wellbeing. 

Chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, and barley grass can be quite bitter if taken solo. If you don’t like the taste of super green powders on their own, you can easily add it to a blended smoothie with fruits and your choice of milk, to balance out the taste! That way, you can look forward to enjoying your greens every day. For an extra antioxidant punch, add a scoop of acai powder, or sprinkle some goji berries on the top! 

Smoothie enhancers are a caffeine-free way to add energy to your day, that will help you to glow from within! If you still enjoy a little caffeine kick, try adding some matcha powder to your next green smoothie - it contains a similar amount of caffeine to coffee, but is jitter-free, and also contains antioxidants.

With so many options to choose from, you must first think about what you’re looking to achieve. Are you looking to support your immunity, gut health, inner beauty or perhaps wanting to achieve a certain body composition? There is a large variety of smoothie enhancers to choose from, including different types of whole food greens, seeds, raw cacao, maca, and even bee pollen!

Vital All-In-One by Vital

$24.95 RRP $34.80
4 reviews

Ultimate Greens by B Raw

$34.95 RRP $46.95