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Super Fruits

Super fruits are those known to contain powerful health benefits in small volume, such as the acai berry. They are generally thought of as exotic berry fruits, but can include a large variety of different fruits. The reason they are called ‘Super fruits’, is due to their high antioxidant content, relative to their size and/or weight. By adding them to your healthy diet, you’ll be adding another source of nutrients that will be supporting your general health and well-being. Enjoy the benefits of the super fruit extracts that we have in our range! 

Acai: Acai berries have become a well-known super food over the years, thanks to their anthocyanin content, an antioxidant which gives them their vibrant and deep purple colour. Native to the Amazon Rainforest, they are rich in polyphenols. The reason this is considered a super fruit, is the antioxidant content within them is much greater than other regular fruits. By consuming them on a regular basis, you are supporting digestive wellness, general health and wellbeing, and the protection of your skin, hair and nails. You can easily add the freeze-dried powder form of Acai berry to your favorite smoothies, acai bowls and no-bake recipes. 

Goji Berry: Native to Asia, these little red super berries have a unique shape and texture, with healthy antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin. This antioxidant gives goji berries their beautiful deep red colour. As they are chewy, they make a great addition to cereals, salads, trail mixes and yogurts. Aside from the fresh varities, you can find and try them today in dried fruit form, in powder or even as a ready made juice! 

Bilberry: Also known as European blueberries, they are used for vision support and general eye health. Bilberries contain antioxidants and phytonutrients, especially anthocyanins, that are in greater quanitities than other berries, thus giving it the ‘super fruit’ status. 

Raw apricot kernels: Due to Australian and NZ food legislation, raw apricot kernels are not for human consumption. However, they do have many cosmetic benefits, especially with the presence of vitamin E. They are suitable for sensitive skin, and for moisturising and hydrating the skin and hair. They make a great addition to beauty scrubs!