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The mineral that keeps you alive! There are many things that zinc does for our bodies, that we usually just take for granted. From wound healing and immune function to things like gene expression and enzymatic reactions, this powerful mineral is crucial in our survival. Considered an essential mineral, zinc cannot be produced or stored in the body which is why we must have a constant supply through our diets. It is naturally found in a variety of plant and animal foods such as eggs, beans, mushrooms, nuts and seeds and soy products.

When you’re suffering from a Zinc deficiency, there are many symptoms that you could be experiencing. Loss of appetite, issues with growth and development, hair loss, diarrhoea and many more frustrating symptoms that have long term detrimental effects. This is why it is so important to stay on top of your zinc levels, especially when you suspect they might be low.

Zinc supplements can be a great addition to anyone's routine, whether you’re looking to support your immune system or simply increase your uptake of Zinc, this is a simple way to support your inner health and wellbeing.

Ultra Zinc+ by Herbs of Gold

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