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  • Colloidal Minerals 75 (Plant Derived Minerals) 500ml by Lifesprings Colloidal Minerals 75 (Plant Derived Minerals) 500ml by Lifesprings

Colloidal Minerals 75 (Plant Derived Minerals) 500ml by Lifesprings

Quick Overview

Plant Derived Mineral Concentrate

SIZE: 500ml

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In order to function properly, the body needs a complex blend of nutrients. However, it can’t manufacture everything it needs all by itself, which is why a balanced diet is essential. Nutritious foods can provide the rich combination of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for wellbeing but if you need a top-up, pick up Colloidal Minerals 75 (Plant Derived Minerals) 500ml by Lifesprings.

The body has no way of making minerals, so we all need to absorb these from our diet. Different minerals come from different foods, such as fish, meat, nuts, eggs and dairy. Many minerals are derived from metals and some of these can be hazardous in large quantities. It can, therefore, mean treading a careful balance between good health and taking in too much.

Plant-derived minerals provide a safer option, as they work more naturally with the body to be absorbed and processed. Like humans, plants do not manufacture their own minerals but soak them up through their roots in the soil. This makes some plants very dense in minerals and a fantastic, healthy source for us.

As plants get their minerals through the soil, the location of the plants is vital. Lifesprings sources its plant minerals from an ancient US rain forest which is millions of years old. Imagine this rainforest in its infancy, when dinosaurs were trampling around, and you can start to appreciate just how long it’s been on this earth. This longevity produces an incredible purity to the soil and its mineral source, which translates into the plants which grow there.

The final formula is finely filtered after being extracted using only natural spring water. This produces a mineral supplement which is potent and pure, providing all the plant goodness possible. 

The benefits of taking Colloidal Minerals 75 (Plant Derived Minerals) 500ml by Lifesprings are:

  • It contains 75 different minerals beautifully balanced for optimum benefit. 
  • Support a healthier you from the inside out.
  • There are no preservatives, synthetic ingredients or flavourings.

Suggested Use: Adults: Mix 5mls daily after a meal with 200mls of your favourite fruit or vegetable juice, or water. Because LifeSPRINGS MINERALS 75 is highly concentrated, 5mls per day is sufficient. Children: 2.5mls per day. Note: Lifesprings Colloidal Minerals have an unpleasant taste in its concentrated form and is, therefore, best consumed diluted.

Warning: Always read the label in full before consuming products

Additional Information


Typical Analysis (mg/L).

PLANT DERIVED MINERALS in varying presence and trace amounts, including the following:

Aluminium 930 Europium 0.07 Molybdenum <0.05 Sodium 250
Antimony <0.05 Fluoride 0.0066 Neodynium 0.51 Strontium 1.5
Arsenic <0.05 Gadolinium 0.51 Nickel 11 Sulfur 6950
Barium <0.05 Gallium <0.05 Niobium <0.05 Tantalum <0.05
Beryllium 0.28 Germanium <0.05 Osmium <0.001 Tellurium <0.05
Bismuth <0.05 Gold <0.05 Palladium 0.05 Terbium 0.083
Boron 0.88 Hafnium <0.05 Phosphorus 0.66 Thallium <0.05
Bromine 0.013 Holmium 0.11 Platinum <0.05 Thorium <0.05
Cadmium 0.19 Indium <0.0023 Potassium 27 Thulium <0.05
Calcium 420 Iodine <0.001 Praseodymium 0.073 Tin <0.05
Carbon 4020 Iridium <0.05 Rhenium <0.001 Titanium <0.05
Cerium 0.36 Iron <0.05 Rhodium <0.05 Tungsten <0.05
Caesium <0.05 Lanthanum 0.11 Rubidium 0.19 Uranium <0.05
Chlorine 17 Lead <0.05 Ruthenium <0.05 Vanadium <0.05
Chromium <0.05 Lithium 2.8 Samarium 0.25 Ytterbium 0.2
Cobalt 8.3 Lutetium <0.05 Scandium 0.099 Yttrium 5.4
Copper 0.098 Magnesium 3870 Selenium 0.25 Zinc 36
Dysprosium 0.53 Manganese 150 Silicon 19 Zirconium <0.05
Erbium 0.3 Mercury <0.05 Silver <0.05  

Important Note: Plant Derived Minerals are non-toxic and negatively charged

"These PLANT DERIVED MINERALS have BEEN on the market since 1925. It is the only nutritional product that has a legal decree from a federal court and an approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be harvested and sold as a nutritional supplement because it passed all their tests. Everyone else, who has a vitamin or mineral product just follows the labelling requirements of the FDA.very ailment to a mineral deficiency" - Linus Pauling, (chemist), Two-Time Nobel Prize Laureate


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