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  • EHP Labs Fit Challenge Lean Muscle Enhanced Stack EHP Labs Fit Challenge Lean Muscle Enhanced Stack

EHP Labs Fit Challenge Lean Muscle Enhanced Stack

Quick Overview

EHP Labs Fit Challenge Lean Muscle Enhanced Stack

SIZE: Beyond BCAA 50 Serves | IsoPept Zero 30 Serves | Crea-8 100 Serves

RRP 169.85 save up to 18%


EHP Labs Fit Challenge Lean Muscle Enhanced Stack 

The Following flavours will be supplied unless otherwise requested in checkout comments section.

  • EHP Labs Beyond BCAA 50 Serves Kiwi Strawberry
  • EHP Labs IsoPept Zero 2lb Banana Bliss
  • EHP Labs Crea-8 100 Serves Unflavoured


EHP Labs Beyond BCAA

BEYOND BCAA is scientifically formulated with the optimal proven 2:1:1 ratio of the Branched Chain Amino Acids, LeucineIsoleucine and ValineCombibed with Alpha HICACitrulline MalateTaurine, Tyrosine, Vitamin C, Full Vitamin B Spectrum and Electrolytes, EHP Labs has redefined the BCAA product into an NSF and WADA compliant 100% natural performance enhancing formula that will promote:

  • Development of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Limits Lactic Acid Build up and Muscle Soreness
  • Limits Muscle Tissue Breakdown (Anti-Catabolic)
  • Limits Cortisol Release and Post Workout Crashes
  • Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Muscle Hydration
  • Energy and Nutrient Delivery
  • Endurance and Stamina

EHP Labs Isopept Zero

IsoPept® Zero by EHPlabs is your ideal post-workout whey protein shake comprized of Hydrolyzed and Pure Whey Protein Isolate, which are the most premium and nutrient rich sources of high quality protein peptide fractions providing your fatigued muscles with a direct source of fuel for growth and repair.



CREA-8 is the purest pharmaceutical grade 100% bio-available creatine monohydrate on the market. 

CREA-8 will ensure that your body is nourished with the best creatine monohydrate for you to reach that next level of strength, endurance and muscle growth.  Other creatine monohydrate products may be loaded with harmful fillers that may lead to migraines, jitters and excessive water retention.  With CREA-8, you can rest assured that EHPlabs has sourced the best quality creatine monohydrate for you to safely reach your goals. 

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