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100 Grams

Stimulator of Growth Hormone Release



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Product Description

GABA (full name Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) is a naturally occurring substance, manufactured in the human brain from Glutamate. It acts as a mild inhibitory (relaxing) neurotransmitter, and as such has been used to treat stress, anxiety, and similar complaints. It has also been used by athletes and anti-aging fans as a gentle stimulator of Growth Hormone release.

GABA is most commonly used by athletes as a sleep aid, to improve sleep quality and to increase Growth hormone release. GABA can also be used during daylight hours as a mild stress relief/ anti-anxiety aid.

Ingredients; 100% pure pharmaceutical grade amino acid derivative Gamma Aminobutyric Acid.

Contains none of the following: Colours, flavours, emulsifiers, or additives. Contains no banned substances. Contains no animal products or by-products. Gluten-free.

Availability: Powder, unflavoured; 100g (100 serves).


Using GABA:
For greater GROWTH HORMONE release
Take BEFORE RETIRING or before breakfast

For reduction in symptoms of STRESS
Take once daily, or AS REQUIRED

For reduction in symptoms of ANXIETY
Take once daily, or AS REQUIRED

For increased FAT BURNING
Take BEFORE RETIRING or before breakfast


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