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  • Goat Milk Powder 1kg by Caprilac Goat Milk Powder 1kg by Caprilac

Goat Milk Powder 1kg by Caprilac

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For many, goat milk is accepted as being more easily digested and a valuable source of calcium and other minerals, this has helped people who wish to take milk but have an intolerance to other milks. Many people simply prefer the taste of goat milk and goat milk products. Whether as a part of your normal milk use or for occasional use, the goat milk is for you.

CapriLac full cream milk powder is a full-bodied goat milk carefully spray dried at our own facilities in Australia, direct from the farm. Goat milk powder has long been used as a substitute for cow milk powder for young and old, where flavour and ease of digestion are important. CapriLac whole milk powder is very easily mixed with water to make a clean and fresh tasting milk. Because of our production techniques CapriLac milk powder is practically an instantantised milk powder without any additives.

CapriLac full cream milk powder is a healthy alternative to cows milk powder and can be used in a wide variety of applications in the food industry. Full cream goat milk powder is suitable for use in a wide variety of foods such as, for example, dairy drinks and desserts, cheese, ice-cream, follow-on formulae, nutritional supplements and tablets.

  • Goat milk has A2 milk proteins.

We feed our goats a mixture of food, most of which is grown on the farm. Home grown pasture, silage and hay form the majority of the goat’s diet. In addition they get a concentrate ration along with some minerals and vitamins to make sure they stay healthy. We do not use feed modifiers or antibiotics in our feeds and all our foods are GMO free.

Our tall form spray drier makes an easily dissolved high quality powder. For those who don’t know how milk powder is made, this is the process. First the milk is tested then pasteurised and homogenised to ensure the microbial status of the raw milk. From there the milk is evaporated through our falling film evaporator, this removes only the water and concentrates the milk by a factor of 4 times. After evaporating the milk is put through a high pressure pump at 200 Bar and dried in the spray drier to give a free flowing powder.


Average Quantity

Per Serve (20g)

Per 100g

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Fat - Total



Carbohydrate - Total







208mg 1040mg
Potassium 288mg 1440mg

Suggested Serve: 20g into 150ml water.


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