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Liquid Sea Minerals with Stinging Nettle 250ml - Ionic Sea Minerals

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Sea Minerals with Stinging Nettle

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What are Sea Minerals?

As Ocean Minerals and our blood plasma are almost chemically identical, Sea Minerals are the finest source for nutritional minerals and trace elements in nature.

You may be surprised to know that ocean water is a rich and balanced source of all minerals and trace elements in concentrations that are not only beneficial to man, but every living creature and life form on earth.

Just think of this: Our oceans support an unknown and until now, an untold number of life forms. Oceanographers claim that an astounding two million+ species are yet to be discovered. This is only made possible by the range and concentrations of elements within our ocean waters.

In Sea Minerals PLUS added Stinging Nettle, stinging Nettle, rich in iron, has been traditionally used to promote blood circulation and hormonal balance during menopause.


How are Sea Minerals Extracted from Ocean Water?

Sea Minerals liquid concentrate is produced via natural evaporation and concentration of vast volumes of ocean water over a two year cycle on the pristine Australian coastline. The resulting Sea Minerals concentrate represent almost 85 times the concentration of essential minerals present in the original ocean water.

At no point in the processing of Australian Sea Minerals are synthetic chemicals added. During the processing of ocean water, evaporation produces a liquid concentrate containing a huge range of macro, micro and trace elements with less than 3% of usual salt content.




The resulting trace elements and minerals are ionic in nature. The microscopic particles are readily dispersed through the body’s cells. This remarkable mineral ‘soup’ has every mineral and trace element required to not only sustain life, but to promote it as well.

Are Sea Minerals High in Sodium?

Sea Minerals are sodium reduced. This reduction process is carried out naturally, utilizing the natural forces of solar evaporation and precipitation. The salty or bitter taste of Sea Minerals is attributed to the rich levels of Magnesium, Potassium and other minerals.

The daily dosage of Sodium in Sea Minerals is but a fraction of the Sodium required to maintain life. The majority of Sodium in our diets comes from use of table salt in food preparation and preservatives.

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