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Mute Snoring Device 3 Pack by Rhinomed

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1 Pack (3 Devices)

Breathe More Snore Less

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Mute is a new technology developed by a team of specialists to alleviate the severity and incidence of snoring and improve your quality of sleep. Mute fits snugly into your nose while gently and comfortably dilating your nostrils as you sleep to help stop snoring.

Made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers, Mute increases the volume of air travelling through the nose during sleep, encouraging nasal breathing and may alleviate congestion – factors critical to help stop snoring and a better quality of sleep.

  • More Air During Sleep - The benefits of increased air-flow through the nose during sleep may not stop with a reduction in snoring. It is likely you’ll wake from a ‘Mute’ sleep feeling more refreshed and invigorated – and your sleeping partner should too.
  • Clinically Proven - A clinical trial carried out by the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia showed that the technology platform increased air-flow through the nose by an average of 38% when compared to nasal strips.
  • Comfortably Effective - Hundreds of hours of careful research and development have been poured into Mute, resulting in a technology as effective as it is comfortable. Mute is designed to ensure the technology remains comfortably in place throughout the night.
  • The Perfect Fit - Just as no human face is the same, so it is with the human nose. Mute’s three sizes and patented independent dilation system allows for subtle adjustment from one nostril to the other, ensuring optimal air-flow through both passages of your nose.

Mute is made from supple bio-compatible polymers conforming to the strictest medical grade standards, offering supreme wearability and comfort. Mute is a registered medical device with the US FDA, Australian TGA and has achieved CE Mark status in the European Union.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is important to take the time to fit Mute correctly and to ensure your size is correct. This will allow for maximum snoring reduction and improved sleep quality benefits. Please take the time to read the below fitting information in full.

Not sure what size Mute you are? Purchase the Mute Starter Pack containing all 3 sizes to find your right fit.

TIPS: Alcohol and sedatives reduce the resting tone of the muscles in your airways and increase the likelihood of snoring. It is widely accepted that drinking alcohol four to five hours before sleeping worsens snoring.


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