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Burning body fat is simple in theory; eat less calories than you burn. Unfortunately though, your body doesn’t want to continually burn fat, and that’s why losing it and keep it off requires proper planning.


Use a combination of weight training and high intensity, short duration cardio to get your body burning fat around the clock. Don’t overdo it, particularly if you’re reducing energy intake from food.


In order to burn fat, energy intake from food needs to be less than your output. However, rapidly dropping calories will be doing your metabolism no favours long term. Consume a balanced diet, with slightly less calories than what you need. If you find yourself starving, chances are you aren’t eating enough. Opt for plenty of fibrous vegetables to form the bulk of your diet and consume enough carbohydrate to support your activity. Protein intake should be adequate to support muscle growth so opt for a minimum of at least 100g per day.


If you’re reducing energy intake from food then a multi-vitamin and fish oil are going to be key in keeping you feeling vibrant, healthy and energetic. Green tea extract has a host of benefits including increasing metabolic rate and providing antioxidant support to fight free radicals. Further to that, a fat burner with stimulants and other thermogenics such as green coffee extract can boost energy and get you burning more fat for fuel.

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Fat Loss

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