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Put simply, gaining mass muscle requires two key things; lifting and eating. However, your training, nutrition and supplementation is going to require some planning if you want to repeatedly reach your goals.


Your weight training must continually evolve if you’re going to break plateaus. So look to alter exercises, rep range and weight to keep your body guessing and your muscles growing. Stick with compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and military press for the start of your workouts. These full body movements will elicit a greater hormonal response to get your body in an optimal anabolic state.


As a general rule you must be eating more energy than you burn. Protein intake is going to be crucial to support muscle growth, however once you’re eating enough then surplus is a waste. Keep your carbohydrate intake high to fuel activity. Fat intake should not go below 70g per day. This is crucial in order to provide a calorie surplus and support optimal hormone production.


A mass gainer to support protein and overall calorie intake is going to be your first port of call. Creatine is another staple that will help increase strength, power and overall mass. An intra-workout supplement complete with BCAAs and carbohydrate will also support muscle growth and recovery. Beyond that, look for a fish oil and glucosamine complex to protect your joints from all that heavy lifting.

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