Cricket requires a range of physical attributes, applied intermittently across long games that can last over 6 hours a day, for several days in a row. Core strength is crucial, especially for bowlers, whilst batters need serious hitting strength to maximise damage. Agility, balance, coordination and speed are prerequisites, no matter whether you’re batting, bowling or fielding. Beyond that, general cardiovascular fitness is crucial if you’re going to maintain performance as matches grind on.


As a well-rounded cricketer, it is important to continually work on core strength, agility, balance and coordination. Speed-work should be used regularly, in order to run between the wickets and chase in the field. For batsman, developing shoulder, forearm and wrist strength via an adequate weight training program should be another key focal point.


Given the long duration of matches, rehydration should be your foremost concern. Also be sure to consume adequate complex carbohydrate throughout the day, steering clear of heavy, high fat meals, prior to and during games.


A carbohydrate and protein powder should be used immediately following games and training sessions. This will be all the more better if it also includes electrolytes. Creatine supplementation will be an advantage to any fast bowlers and batsmen looking to maximise power. Fish oil, turmeric and glucosamine are also prudent to take if you want to look after your joints; bowlers take notice here!

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