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Whilst technical skill is a pre-requisite for excelling at “The World Game”, there are a vast array of physical attributes that can give a player the competitive edge against their opponent. Agility and balance are key, as is speed and power. Lower body strength is an obvious necessity, however with the growing physicality of the game – especially here in Aus. – upper body strength is becoming equally important.


Technical skill will come from team training and playing. Off the pitch, focus on balance work with lots of lower body dominant movements such as squatting and dead-lifting. Upper body strength training should also be employed to hold your opponent off and make space for yourself.


Consume a balanced diet, rich in complex carbohydrates and adequate protein to fuel training, muscle recovery and growth. Ensure a moderate intake of essential fats, as well as plenty of water and colourful fruits and vegetables. Avoid consuming fatty foods prior to training and games, as this may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.


Power and speed are crucial so creatine is a must for all positions. Look for a post-workout drink high in carbohydrates and protein to drive recovery. Lastly, don’t forget to look after your joints, as ankle and knee health is crucial to performance and longevity.

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