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Netball requires a vast array of physical attributes including speed, agility, balance, power and endurance. Given the nature of the game, flexibility is also crucial so you can twist and turn your body when receiving passes or shooting for goal.


Skills and coordination will only come from spending time on the court. Power can be developed in the gym with lower body weights and plyometric exercises such as jumping and sprinting. Balance work should also be done to improve performance and ankle strength which will protect you against injury.


A well-balanced diet is crucial to performance and well-being. Look to consume complex carbohydrates before games and protein afterwards to drive recovery.


Power and speed are crucial so creatine is a must for all positions. Look for a post-workout drink high in carbohydrates and protein to drive recovery. Lastly, don’t forget to look after your joints, as ankle and knee health is crucial to performance and longevity.

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