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The physical demands of Rugby Union change somewhat with position. Forwards need to maintain strength and power, particularly through the lower body, whilst speed and agility become more important for the backs. That being said, every position requires a certain degree of all of the previously mentioned attributes.


Strength and power are crucial to performance, so a decent amount of time should be spent in the weights room if you’re looking to improve performance. Forwards should spend more time under the bar, performing heavy squats and other lower body movements. Plyometric exercises can improve power and speed, whilst extra agility exercises such as ladder work and shuttle runs are extremely beneficial, particularly for backs.


First and foremost, hydration is key, so be sure to continually drink water even if you aren’t particularly thirsty. Consume a wide variety of foods whilst ensuring enough carbohydrate and protein is consumed for energy, muscle growth and repair. Essentials fat are crucial for hormone production amongst several other biological functions. Lastly, adequate calories must be consumed to maintain muscle mass and continually improve power and strength.


Creatine supplementation is crucial for power and speed development in both forwards and backs. A post-workout protein and carbohydrate drink should also be consumed by all players following training and games.

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