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How to boost your immune system before you get a cold or flu

Preparing for winter makes good sense; protect and strengthen your immune system before a cold or flu takes hold. One of the best herbal medicines for the job is the Chinese herb Astragalus; it's a powerful immune system booster. The immune boosting actions of Astragalus are compounded when used with its companions; Codonopsis, Ganiderma (Reishi mushroom), Siberian Ginseng, Atractylodes, Ligustrum (Chinese Privet), Schisandra and Licorice. This eight-berb Astragalus formula can strengthen your ability to resist a cold by enhancing production of your white blood cells and increasing your body’s ‘immune surveillance’ for pathogens that cause a cold of flu.


Building Qi for winter wellness

In Chinese herbal medicine Qi (pronounced Chee) is the vital energy your body needs to function. There are different types of Qi, and their activities have important outcomes for your health. When you get a cold, Pathogenic Qi invades and initiates the infection. Your Defensive Qi helps you resist the infection, so having adequate healthy Defence Qi is important, especially throughout winter. Herbal medicines to build and strengthen Qi such as Astragalus, also support immunity and improve energy levels, making them perfect for winter time.


Recovery Phase

Resoration for a strong and healthy immune system

Recover and get back on your feet sooner. Chinese herbs, known as ‘immune restoratives’, strengthen and maintain the health of the immune system. Research proves the eight-herb Astragalus formula can restore a healthy immune system and speed up recovery from colds, flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis, glandular fever and post-vital fatigue syndrome. It includes potent immune restorative herbs to build up defence mechanisms and re-establish healthy white blood cell levels after an infection.


Restore your Qi

Astragalus is one of the most important immune system tonics in Chinese herbal medicine and is specifically used to restore Defensive Qi. This is particularly important if you get re-occurring colds and flus, as you Defensive Qi needs to be robust and ready to defend you against the next infection. 


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