What is it?

Kyolic garlic is a form of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) produced by the Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company, using organic garlic that has been naturally aged for 20 months, rather than heat treating the garlic. Doing this allows the enzymes found in garlic, like alliinase, to react and fully oxidise compounds like alliin and allicin into other related sulphur-containing compounds.

How does it work?

Wakunaga, the company that manufactures Kyolic, have many references explaining why regular garlic supplements and specifically allicin is neither bioavailable nor ideal for supplemental use. Reasoning that in vivo studies find that after consuming high amounts of garlic, metabolites are not found in blood or urine between 1 to 24 hours thereafter consumption and that allicin is completely metabolised in the liver. Finally, they suggest that if allicin were able to make its way into the blood, in vitro tests show that the compound irreversibly binds to haemoglobin to form methaemoglobin which prevents red blood cells from carrying oxygen[1].

The long aging process of Kyolic prevents this by allowing the oxidation process to occur over 20 months, causing allicin to further break down into water soluble compounds such as S-allyl Cysteine.

Why should it be used?

Garlics broad impact on the body as an effective antibacterial has been anecdotally evident for thousands of years through use in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The development of Aged Garlic Extract has provided a standardised supplement to examine with, providing evidence of alternative purposes outside of the traditional use. Interesting effects of AGE relating to improvement of biomarkers that effect Metabolic Syndrome symptoms which include, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, decreased adiponectin levels, low plasma HDL and risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease[2].

The use of S-allyl Cysteine rather than allicin or its precursors allows proper absorption and digestion within the body for effective use.

Who should be using it?

If you are looking to try and reduce frequency and severity of cold and flu symptoms, Kyolic Garlic may assist in keeping viruses at bay.

Those who are also aware of any Metabolic Syndrome symptoms yet are not on medication for these health concerns. Be sure to check with your doc for any potential interactions with any medications you may already use and consider lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and sleeping habits that may inhibit the effects of aged garlic extract.