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Nut Spread Walnut & Cashew 250g - Melrose

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Pure Nut Spread

$9.95 save $1.00 save 10%
$9.95 save $1.00 save 10%

Melrose Nut Spreads can be used as a delicious and nutritious sandwich filling. Add your favourite flavour next time you make a pesto. They can be spread over meat on a grill to add a unique taste. Try adding some to a dip for extra crunch and flavour. Use as a topping for pasta, steamed or healthy sautéed vegetables. Mix one of the Melrose Nut Spreads together with some yoghurt and serve with fruit.

Melrose Nut Spread uses are only as limited as your own imagination!

Melrose Walnut and Cashew Spread

  • Good source of protein - protein balance is similar to meat
  • Made from 100% lightly roasted nuts
  • Walnuts - good source of omega 3 fatty acids
  • Cashews - high content of monounsaturated fats
  • Vegetarian

Walnuts have significantly higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids as compared to other nuts. This polyunsaturated fat is particularly beneficial for the heart as it has been shown that it helps to lower LDL cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol).

Cashew nuts, a rich sweet product of the cashew tree, have gained popularity not only for their succulent flavour but for health benefits too. They have a relatively low fat content, when compared with other nuts, but it is considered a "good fat". Cashews have no cholesterol and are an energizing food. Cashew nuts have a high energy density and high amount of dietary fibre, both have been attributed to a beneficial effect on weight management, but only when eaten in moderation

Ingredients: Walnuts 80%, Cashew nuts 20%

0 Review(s) for "Nut Spread Walnut & Cashew 250g - Melrose"
0 Review(s) for "Nut Spread Walnut & Cashew 250g - Melrose"
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