Organic Instant Herbal Sting Relief by OUCH

20ml (300 Sprays)

For Bites, Stings & Sunburn

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Ouch! 100% Organic Instant Sting Relief Spray - This 100% herbal formulation is safe for children of all ages and can be re-applied as often as needed.

  • Instantly relieves bites from mosquitoes, midges, sand flies, fleas, leeches, ants, ticks,bed bugs, all insects and non lethal jellyfish.
  • Relieves bluebottle, sea lice stings and secondary infections
  • Relieves sunburn.
  • 100% herbal & Organic
  • Re apply as often as needed
  • Not tested on animals. Certified by Choose Cruelty Free

Ouch! Instant Sting Relief Spray instantly disperses wheat alcohol onto the bite or sting washing away any residual venom from the bite or sting. No other sting or bite product has this instant disinfecting effect. This prevents further venom being scratched into the wound.

Indian menthapiperita mint and West Indian cold pressed limes provide an instant cooling effect relieving pain or soothing sunburn. Madagascan extra clove bud oil numbs the sunburn. It also numbs the bite preventing the itching syndrome when the top of bites are scratched off with fingers causing reinfection resulting in days of scabby bite marks. This is very common for mosquito and sea lice bites. Geranium oil deters all insects from landing on the skin and biting

Ouch! Instant Sting Relief Spray contains No aluminium sulfate, hydrocortisone, antihistamines, ammonia, lignocaine, or diazolidinyl urea.

Warnings: Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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