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Peppermint Herbal Tea by Celestial Seasonings

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20 Tea Bags

Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

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$5.95 save $1.00 save 17%

Herbal tea is made from many plants, using not just the leaves, but also the flowers, roots, bark and seeds. At Celestial Seasonings, our herbal tea recipes blend the flavors of different botanicals from around the world – resulting in an infinite variety of healthful taste sensations. In fact, this exploration of the many flavors, remedies and benefits of herbal teas is one of the greatest pleasures of working with herbs — there's an herbal tea that’s just right for every mood and every moment.

Of course, our herbal teas naturally contain no caffeine at all, which accounts in part for their mellow, soothing personality – and their growing popularity in today’s hectic, high-pressure world.

  • Our delicious herbal teas – including Sleepytime®, our most beloved blend – provide a soothing blend of herbal ingredients that help relax all of your senses.
  • Many of our best herbal teas are delicious hot as well as iced — including Black Cherry Berry, Country Peach Passion®, and each Zinger® herbal tea. This versatility ensures that you can make herbal tea year round.
  • Naturally Caffeine Free
  • Gluten Free

Peppermint Herbal Tea is a classic mint tea with the very finest peppermint.

"The aromatic Oregon- and Washington-grown peppermint we’ve selected for this tea tastes so fresh and delicious that it requires no accompaniment — it's the only ingredient here. Once reserved for exclusive use in cakes and candies, the whistling cool freshness of pure peppermint from the great Pacific Northwest is yours to enjoy in this comforting brew."

—Charlie Baden, Celestial Seasonings Blendmaster

Ingredients: Peppermint

Brewing Instructions: Pour freshly boiled water over one tea bag. Steep 4 to 6 minutes and remove tea bag. Sweeten if desired.

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0 Review(s) for "Peppermint Herbal Tea by Celestial Seasonings"
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