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  • Propolis Liquid (10 x 25ml) (Alcohol Free) by Australian by Nature Propolis Liquid (10 x 25ml) (Alcohol Free) by Australian by Nature
  • Propolis Liquid (10 x 25ml) (Alcohol Free) by Australian by Nature Propolis Liquid (10 x 25ml) (Alcohol Free) by Australian by Nature

Propolis Liquid (10 x 25ml) (Alcohol Free) by Australian by Nature

Quick Overview

10 x 25ml

200mg/ml Alcohol Free

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Propolis is derived from a tree resin which is collected and re–metabolised by worker bees. The bees smear this dark substance around the entrance of their hives to strengthen the hive and to protect themselves from infection. Excess propolis is extracted from the beehive by bee keepers. A cold treatment process is then applied to make the substance suitable for human use and consumption.

Propolis is a natural antibacterial agent with antiviral, anaesthetic, antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Propolis contains over 60 different naturally occurring substances, including flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins and numerous minerals. It is commonly used in the treatment of sore throats, skin conditions and colds and flu.

Propolis is known for its mild anti–bacterial and antibiotic properties, as well as its anti–inflammatory and soothing activity. It is also effective in relieving the symptoms of colds and flu, as well as boosting the immune system.

  • May assist in strengthening the immune system and preventing infection
  • Thought to reduce inflammation and assist with respiratory conditions (including colds & flu)
  • Assists in the maintenance healthy mouth and gums
  • May assist in the treatment of minor skin conditions, such as scratches, eczema, dermatitis, pimples, acne, minor cuts and abrasions
  • May help to reduce the severity & duration of colds
  • Antiviral, anaesthetic, antioxidant and antibiotic properties
  • Flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins and minerals

Australian by Nature Propolis Liquid is an alcohol–free, multipurpose liquid with a pleasant, natural spearmint flavour. The propolis liquid has a slightly thicker consistency than the propolis tincture, but can be utilise in the same way. It is commonly used to assist in the treatment of respiratory infections, colds and flu, as well as treating minor skin complaints and is Chloramphenicol free and is Halal approved

Why does Australian by Nature’s Propolis Tincture and Liquid contain a 20% propolis extract formulation? - Australian by Nature manufactures products at levels to suit human consumption. Higher levels may cause severe allergic reactions and/or be wastefully excreted.

What is the difference between Royal Jelly and Propolis? - Royal Jelly is a substance which is fed to the queen bee, whereas propolis is a resin which is found at the entry of beehives. Royal Jelly is known for its multivitamin and mineral qualities and propolis is known for its anti–bacterial and antioxidant properties.

Active Ingredients

Per 1ml



Propolis 20% w/v




Directions: For Adults and children over 2 years of age:
Oral Use: Dissolve 5–10 drops into a glass of water and drink
Topical Use: Using a cotton bud, apply 2–3 drops to the affected area

WARNINGS: Propolis may cause allergic reactions. If irritation or swelling of the mouth, throat or skin occurs, immediately discontinue use and consult a medical practitioner.
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Warnings: This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and with an appropriate physical training or exercise program. This food is not suitable for children under the age of 15 or pregnant women. It should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Keep out of reach of children.

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