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Product Description

The Secret To Super Bowel Health And Keeping You Regular Is Dietary Fibre!

Quick Fibre Plus is a delicious high fibre and nutritional breakfast food specially formulated to load your digestive system with complex carbohydrates (energy food) plus supplying your body with complex carbohydrates, Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids (good fats) and an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals. Available in delicious Natural, Carob & Chocolate Flavours.

Bowel Health Is Essential For Good Health And Vitality! - When your bowel is underactive, toxins are more likely to be absorbed through the bowel wall and into the bloodstream. This is why elimination of undigested food and other waste matter from your colon is absolutely vital for good health. If you suffer from constipation you need to take action now before these toxins accumulate in the body and cause other health problems.

Too Many People Today Rely On Laxatives To Relieve Constipation! - Unfortunately, laxatives only treat the symptoms and don’t get to the cause of the problem. Most operate by irritating the colon, causing your bowel to move until the laxative, together with anything else free enough to flow out, is expelled. This rush of watery-like stool can cause dehydration of the colon which may cause other health problems. A laxative does nothing to break down the stagnant material within the colon to move it out. For this reason, laxatives do not clean the bowel. The long term use of laxatives eventually cause your colon to weaken and become lazy.

Insoluble & Soluble Fibres, The Ultimate Colon Cleansers! - One of the primary causes of constipation is insufficient fibre in your diet. Fibre absorbs water in the intestines, thereby bulking up the stool, lubricating it and making it softer and easier to expel. Fibre isn’t only roughage! In fact, good fibre isn’t only just one substance, it is a combination of insoluble and soluble fibres. These consist of cellulose, pectin, hemicellulose, lignin, and gums/mucilage’s and are found largely in the cell walls of plant foods and are nondigestable. Consuming 30 grams of both insoluble and soluble fibres daily will, in most cases, prevent or relieve constipation and decrease the risk of other associated bowel problems.

The Intestinal Broom! - Insoluble and soluble fibres have the capacity to move through your intestines somewhat like a sponge, working like an "Intestinal Broom" cleansing the inner walls of your colon allowing larger amounts of waste to pass easily through your bowel. This sweeping action also has a scrub effect on your bowel picking up wastes and toxins along the way and then finally eliminating them. This internal cleansing initiates healing by scrubbing away infectious debris from your vital organs.

Quick Fibre Plus High Fibre, High Energy Nutritional Food!  - Quick Fibre Plus contains: Slippery Elm Bark, Psyllium Seed, Oat Bran, Linseed Meal and Rice Bran. These 100% natural ingredients have been finely ground and blended carefully in precise proportions so you get the maximum benefit. One serve of "Quick Fibre Plus®" supplies you with both insoluble and soluble fibre, supplying an adult with over 1/3 of your daily dietary fibre requirements. These fibres are essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system and clean colon. Unlike laxatives, Quick Fibre Plus® does not reduce muscle tone in your intestine wall or cause abdominal pain.

Quick Fibre Plus Is Much More Than Just A High Fibre Food! - Every serve of Quick Fibre Plus provides an abundance of nutrients. This includes a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids, a combination of insoluble and soluble fibre, calcium, potassium, protein, plus it is loaded with complex carbohydrates (energy food). Just add 2 tablespoons of Quick Fibre Plus to your favourite breakfast cereal, or if you prefer, add to 200mls of soy drink, low fat milk or filtered water for a delicious high fibre, high energy, nutritional drink. Quick Fibre Plus is available in three delicious flavours, natural, carob and chocolate.

Complex Carbohydrates - Fuel for Energy! - Complex carbohydrates are the best source of fuel for your body to convert into energy. Carbohydrates also assist in the digestion and the assimilation of foods. They contain the same number of calories per gram as protein, and less than one half the calories of fat. Carbohydrates help to regulate protein and fat metabolism. "Quick Fibre Plus" contains over 65% carbohydrates!

Tips For Improving Digestion! - Digestion starts in your mouth... It’s very important to chew your food thoroughly before swallowing. Eating your food slowly improves digestion and reduces the possibility of wind problems. Also, avoid drinking water with main meals as this hinders the breakdown of food and the assimilation of nutrients.

Quick Fibre Plus - The nutritional breakfast for all the family.

Ingredients: Oat Bran, Flaxseed (Linseed) Meal, Rice Bran, Psyllium Husks, Slippery Elm Powder, (Chocolate- Cocoa 19%, Sugar & flavour ) (Carob 11% - Carob).

Dosage: Sprinkle 2 heaped tablespoons of Quick Fibre Plus over your favourite breakfast cereal. Alternatively Quick Fibre Plus can be added to 200mls of soy milk, water or fruit juice for a healthy, nutritious smoothie or shake.

Warnings: It is very important to increase water intake when increasing fiber in the diet. Take at least two hours away from all other medications. Contains gluten. Quick Fibre Plus is not suitable for children under the age of 12 years. For further advice please consult your Healthcare Professional. Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Use only as directed if symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional.

100% Money Back Guarantee  - Caruso’s Natural Health products are guaranteed to meet Frank Caruso’s high quality standards and are made under strict manufacturing processes. Frank Caruso is very confident about Caruso’s Natural Health Products So much so, he offers you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. See the product packages for details

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