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Whole Raw Vitamin C Formula

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  • RAW Vitamin C Powder 120g by Amazonia
  • RAW Prebiotic Vitamin C 120g - Amazonia
Product Description

Amazonia are proud to provide a whole and raw vitamin C formula that encompasses not only wholesome vitamin C, but also the essential Pre-Probiotics with Aloe Vera to aid in optimal digestion.

With over 500mg of wholefood vitamin C per serve (equivalent to 9 small oranges), never before has a concentration of wholesome vitamin C been so readily available.

  • Over 500mg of whole Vitamin C (equivalent to 9 small oranges) per serve
  • Aloe Vera and Pre-Probiotics for easier assimilation
  • All of nature’s richest Vitamin C foods. Acerola, Camu Camu, Baobab, Gubinge, Rosehip and more
  • Alkalising & Vegan
  • Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, lactose, gluten & GMOs


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 - Saturated


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 - Sugars






Ingredients: Raw & Whole Vitamin C Superfruit Blend (Acerola Fruit Extract Powder, Organic Boabab Fruit Powder, Pomegranate Fruit Juice Powder, Papaya Fruit Juice Powder, Passionfruit Fruit Juice Powder, Lemon Juice Powder, Camu Camu Fruit Extract Powder, Organic Carrot Juice Powder, Organic Orange Fruit Powder, Organic Mangosteen Fruit Extract Powder, Rosehip Fruit Extract Powder, Organic Gubinge (Kakadu Plum) Fruit Powder, Organic Beetroot Juice Powder), Live Prebiotic, Probiotic Digestive Blend (Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Root Extract Powder [Prebiotic], Organic Phyto-Biotic Fermented Blend [Mung Beans, Brown Rice, Red Lentils, Chick Peas, Flax Seed, Alfalfa Seed, Millet & Quinoa, <0.05% Agave added for the Fermentation Process], Aloe Vera Plant Powder), Natural Orange Flavour (Natural Orange Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract Powder)

Directions: Mix 10g daily in 300ml of water.

Warnings: This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and with an appropriate physical training or exercise program. This food is not suitable for children under the age of 15 or pregnant women. It should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Keep out of reach of children.

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