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Regu-Lax 30 Tablets by Herbs of Gold

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30 Tablets

Gentle Herbal Laxative

$15.95 save $5.60 save 35%
$15.95 save $5.60 save 35%

Constipation (chronic or acute) is characterised by difficulty in passing stools with incomplete or infrequent passing of hard, dry stools accompanied by abdominal discomfort. Constipation is very common, affecting 1 in 5 adults.

 Herbs of Gold Regu-Lax has been specially formulated to assist in the treatment and symptomatic relief of constipation. 

  • Gentle herbal laxative
  • Relief of constipation
  • Relief of flatulence
  • Chronic or acute constipation
  • Senna for overnight relief
  • Butternut for gentle laxation
  • Dill for digestive comfort

Senna is traditionally used as a stimulating laxative for the relief of constipation and works in two ways by a) increasing colon transit time and b) increasing the water content in the stool. Senna takes between 6 to 12 hours to achieve laxation and is best used with carminative herbs such as Dill, to help reduce any griping abdominal pain and soluble fibres such as Psyllium, to help increase the water content of the stool, making it easier to pass comfortably.

Butternut is traditionally used as a gentle laxative for the relief of constipation and as a cholagogue, increases bile flow to improve the elimination of toxins which can be a problem where there is chronic constipation. Butternut rarely produces any abdominal griping pain or other digestive disturbances.

Dill is traditionally used as a carminative to help relieve flatulence, bloating, abdominal discomfort and griping pain by relaxing the intestinal muscles and sphincters. Carminatives such as Dill help to counter the griping effect of laxative herbs.

Active Ingredients

Per Tablet

herbal extracts equiv. to dry 


Anethum graveolens (Dill) fruit


Juglans cinerea (Butternut) stem bark 


Senna alexandrina (Senna) leaf




Plantago ovata (Psyllium) seed husk powder


Does not contain added egg, milk, peanut, tree nut or animal products, yeast, gluten, lactose, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Directions: Adults and children over 12 years – Take 1-2 tablets daily, with food, in the evening, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. The correct dose is the smallest dose necessary to obtain a laxative effect.

Warnings: Always read the label. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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0 Review(s) for "Regu-Lax 30 Tablets by Herbs of Gold"
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